Do you think Divorce should be legalized?

July 26, 2007 6:57am CST
a lot of families today are broken families or in other terms annulled/separated/divorced.why does very country has a problem when it comes to family matters, i heard that many contries are practicing divorce right now that may affect many a days divorce is one of the issues that arise in every country and they cannot solve.a lot of families are broken because of some probelms that affect the wife and the husband.sad to says that divorce is one of the legal laws that is being practiced in other affects the whole family relationship most especially the sons/daughters, as we can see some minor problems that can be solved leads to divorce. others simply say thatthey want to replace their wife or husband, as easy as that and it seems that you are in if you are divorced.for me divorce shold not be legalized because what hath God joined together let no man put asunder.(That is one of the witten verse in the Bible)
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