What 1 type of transportation would you use without fuel?

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United States
July 26, 2007 8:01am CST
If you had no choice but to travel without a car, bus, boat, truck, plane, motor scooter, etc., what would you use? Never thought about it huh. I would you seriously ride those 15 miles on a bike or a skateboard. Huh? I wonder. If no one ever thought of the idea of a car, where would we be? I would just like to hear some of your ideas on what would you use to travel with. Just want to hear some unique answers.
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@ArmyChick (488)
• United States
26 Jul 07
you know, i know this may sound crazy, but to be honest, i would use my legs. I dont have to worry about them ever breaking down. and im in the army, and we run all the time, so ive actually gotten use to walking or running. plus were in Iraq, and we have to walk very often.
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@jolope (988)
• Philippines
26 Jul 07
maybe i'd ride a side car..a bike with 3 wheels and pay someone to run it for me..haha..^_^ of there isn't much choice, i'd rather walk..exercise+travel=exhaustion.. but at least i'll get to where i want to be and i'll be fit for a while..^_^
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@navtech (1776)
• India
28 Jul 07
Dear laydlexius, I would definitely use bi-cycle to cross those distances. I cannot ride on skateboard. In India, before invention of car and other modern mode of transportion they were using bullock-cart for crossing many miles. Like bus, for going to any other places, they will get bullck-cart. Every bullock-car will reach you 15 miles. From there you have to take another bullock-cart for another 15 miles. Like this they used to travel more than 1000 miles to reach piligrims places. It will take six months (to and pro) of 2000 miles in those days.
@maximax8 (28560)
• United Kingdom
26 Jul 07
I would have a comfortable sailing boat. I would use the wind to make it move along in the sea. I would enjoy the feeling of a breeze, the beauty of the land I passed by and seeing sea animals like dolphins, penguins, whales and small sharks. I studied in the Netherlands for a few months and had an old bike whilst there. It only had three gears but the landscape was very flat. I could cycle for miles past all the lovely canals and windmills. I don't think I could go very far on a skate board. It would just be too tiring. So I would have a sailing boat and keep my bike on board for journeys on land. I can also use my legs to walk but I don't like to carry too much baggage as I get tired. I like to go to islands without cars apart from a couple of taxis like La Digue in the Seychelles. All the tourists ride bikes around the island.