Do You Believe That Babies Are Guided....

July 26, 2007 11:31am CST
... by the angel during theie earlier ages? We chinese people believe that babies are guided by angel since they are born till certain ages. I am not quite sure till when but its about 15 months of age. I dont know the angel name in english, but if its translated it will be angel of bed. I can say I do belive it coz I have seen some prove about it... Do you notice your babies sleep laughing or even crying slowly in their sleep. That is coz the angel is playing and taught them something and they cry when the angel maybe mad at them. Besides that, I have another ones to explain. My niece (my brother's girl) ever rolled from second floor ladder down to first floor sitting on her baby walker and ended up on her baby walker still without anything happened (only a little bleeding on her gum). This same case happened to my another niece (my sis' girl) but she ended up with her baby walker on her body. And she was fine. My boy too ever fell from my bed that is quite high enough with his head hit the floor and also fine... So, have you ever noticed this? Have anything bad happened to you babies but still they were alright? Its not becoz I do want something happened, but I hope nothing ever happened coz it will be beter like that.. Just sharing... Thanks...
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• United States
26 Jul 07
What a lovely thought! It is true that babies seem blessed, so very special and innocent, vulnerable. It's nice to think that there is an angel watching over them, teaching them. Thank you so much for sharing.
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• Indonesia
27 Jul 07
You are welcome. Its nice to share thing. Actually we chinese people have many things about myths. And we do believe them