Ever gone in an EXAM without REVISING?

July 26, 2007 12:43pm CST
What if it is the most important exam of your life and, then, would you go to that particular paper without revising? What if they're promotion exams or they're the exams that will make you what you want to be? Then would you or can you think of going to that exam without revising?
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@munhozmib (3841)
• Sao Paulo, Brazil
26 Jul 07
Hello, Omer. Many times I made Exams without revising... In my school, I hardly ever study before doing my exams. And even though, I can take high grades, such as 8, or 10. Studying for exams... I'm not very good at that. However, I know that if I focus myself on it, I can do it. The problem is that I am too lazy to study like that. I learn things pretty fast, and when the exams come, I already know what's in there. I can answer it. And if I can't, I don't stop to think for a lot of time. If I don't know, then I just don't. I'll leave it blank or risk an alternative. When I get home I try to learn it.
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• Pakistan
27 Jul 07
ok :)
@elairz (260)
• Malaysia
26 Jul 07
i done that a few time before..unless you knew you going to do well in the exam and have the confidence to score good, i suggest that u all revise. i got just above average for the subject that i like and average or below average on the subject i didnt like. my life would be so different now if i just revise before..
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