Do you pull out into the intersection...

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October 25, 2006 6:43pm CST
while you are waiting to turn left (or right depending on how you drive in your country) in traffic? I saw this debate on another board and thought it interesting. I grew up in Chicago and if you didn't pull out into the intersection you wouldn't get to turn (even if the light had a left arrow). I was taught that way in driver's ed in high school. I actually had points taken off because I didn't pull into the intersection the right way, lol. I remember that. My in-laws that live in a small town are freaked out by my driving. When you learn to drive in the city you just have a different style. You have to be a little more agressive or you might be there all day.
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@AICIRT81 (847)
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5 Feb 08
I grew up and live in the suburbs and thats how it is here too. I hate driving in downtown Chicago and avoid it at all costs! I think if I lived downtown I would not own a car.
@carlaabt (3505)
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29 Jul 07
It depends on where I am. I grew up in a really small town. We got out first stop light while I was in high school! lol So we were taught not to pull out into the intersection when we would drive in the next town over that had a whopping 6 stoplights. Then I grew up and moved to a bigger town. There you had to pull out into the intersection or you wouldn't get to go, so I got used to doing it then. Now, I live in another small town without any stoplights. The only other place I drive on a regular basis is a military base, and you can get it a ticket for pulling into the intersection there, so I don't do it.