does anyone know about nuddist faith

United States
July 26, 2007 4:53pm CST
i have been talking with hubby lately and we have ran across a few people that are nuddist. i see nothing wrong with it personally. live and let live. we started talking though and relized we dont know much about hte beliefs of there group. i mean are they wicca, christian, morman, jewish, etc. are there many different ones in each faith etc. does anyone have any info. we have both been brought up in alot of different backgrounds and faiths and this is one i have to admit that we have not been in. i like to know about differnt ones out there and see. i have no true one religion. any info would be nicce
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27 Jul 07
I have never heard of the Nuddist faith so I am sorry, I cannot help you there. Is it something to do with Buddism? I think the best thing to do would be to ask these people you have met to tell you about their religion because you don't know much about it and are very interested to learn. Most people are only too happy to chat about their beliefs to others, especially when it is one so little known in the wider world. If you do this and then post back with what you have learned about Nuddism then I for one would be very interested to read about it. I am always interested to find out about obscure religions.