Pregnancy and weight gain

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United States
July 26, 2007 5:19pm CST
How much weight did you gain when you were pregnant? Did you lost any of it? How did you lost it? whats the secret to getting your belly somewhat back to normal?
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@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
26 Jul 07
with my first pregnancy i gained about 25, with my second i gained about 50. with this one i'm up almost 30. i was due 2 days ago, so i'll say thats what i gained with this one lol. i did weight watchers after my first one to lose the weight. the sad thing is your belly will never be normal again. i have so many stretch marks, and there is this pouch that just hangs at the bottom because my skin was so stretched out by my second one. even after losing weight that pouch just stays there. ah, the cost of motherhood lol.
@prily9 (568)
• Indonesia
27 Jul 07
I have 2 kids already. I gained around 10 - 12 kg when I got pregnant. I lost all of it this is my way how to loose it 1. eat brealfast with 2 slices bread better be plain 2. during lunch eat small amount of rice or any carbohydrate, you may eat meat. but I prefer to eat fish ( healthier ). 3. for dinner eat vegetables ( you may make it in to the soup )and fruits. remember: don't eat banana and don't eat after 19.00 pm the best fruits for diet are pear, apple and watermelon. after your weight become less than start to to exercise. I've been done sit-up for 25 times each day. my diet is already consult with a doctor. hope this will help you. my wight now is same like I was in my high school.
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@Michele21 (3094)
• United States
27 Jul 07
I have had two kids and I gained 50 pounds with both of them!! I was 120pounds before I had kids and now I am at 130...I think it is terrible and I am trying to lose 5-10 pounds. I didn't do much with my daughter (first baby) but with my son it is alot harder. I try and exersice every day and eat better, no chips and soda's (which I love) I try to eat more fruits and veggies, and drink water. But my belly is still flabby. I HATE it!!! I do sit-ups all the time, I use to do 500 every day but it didn't really help so I stopped-probably not the best thing to do. I think doing some type of physical exercise where it gets you sweating is a good thing to do every day. I get bored easily so I change things up all the time, I go run, work out on our elliptical, work-out DVD's...blah blah..I don't like to exercise but I know I have to do it!! Good luck with the baby weight!!
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@Ronimas (699)
• India
8 Sep 07
In the first trimester, the pregnant woman may not gain any weight if she is suffering from morning sickness. The mother generally starts gaining weight from 3rd month and maximum weight gain occurs during 5th and 7th month. Total weight gain is in the range of 10-12 kg. In my case it was 13kg.
• United States
6 Aug 07
I gained 18lbs, which honestly disappeared within a few days after giving birth. I was really sick those 9 months with morning sickness and pre-eclampsia, so that prevented the normal weight gain. I'm sure if I had a healthy, normal pregnancy next time, I'd have a much harder time losing the weight! Personally I think the best way to lose weight is to eat healthy foods and try to be active, such as taking walks with your baby. It took 9 months to put the weight on, so it may take 9 months for it to come off!