Rotten children, Rotten parents

@rsbkt5 (16)
United States
July 26, 2007 7:18pm CST
Who read the article last week about a 70 something grandmother that was attacked by her 6 grandchildren? I was appauled. The article read that the children went to the grandmothers to visit and the eldest grandchild being 13 and close to 100 lbs instigated the other 5 to "get her". They were laughing as if it were wwf. The youngest was 70 lbs. The article then went on to say that the parents finally stopped it, but that the grandmother was afraid to defend herself due to child abuse. Are you kidding me. I would have turned on the parents asap. At 70 years old they could have placed her in great physical harm by even allowing the children to think about doing something like this to her. What is your take on this bizaare article? I know I would have called and reported elderly abuse.
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@Angela07 (202)
• United States
27 Jul 07
that is soooo crazy and really stupid..I would have called and reported eldelry abuse..How she going to in trouble when they are abusing her..Its really ridiculous how the people are these day..Its stupid what is the world coming to nowadays..70 YEARS !!!!!! come on leave her alone ....Those kids need discipline...
@trasauma (43)
• United States
27 Jul 07
What the heck!!?? Where the parents there when it happened? Wow! it amazes me that kids think this is somehow okay. What happened to respecting your elders? We do not spank our children but let me tell you if I found my children hurting an older person like that, I would smack the crap out of them.