Don't Put off the Work till Tomorrow

July 26, 2007 7:48pm CST
"Never put off till tomorrow what may be done today" has been taught us since we were children .However ,we still put off things till further on ,not even tomorrow, but some indefinite time in the future. "I will do this tomorrow .There is much time awaiting for me ."Young people would often say so ,for they often think there is still much time extending before them.As a result they would never accomplish their tasks in time ; or even they have managed to finish them and the tasks were finished poorly. Take john ,for example.He likes to take things easy ,and he is never worried about anything. If he has a paper to write ,which is not due until two weeks later,he'll just leave it at the back of his mind .He'll probably while away the whole time ,reading a novel in the meantime.He may go to a football match,a piano recital ,enjoying himself.He just has an easy time of it until all of a sudden he finds that the paper will be due the next day.Then he has to begin writing the paper hastily and carelessly. Since you can do it today ,why must you put it off until tomorrow?
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