July 27, 2007 2:09am CST
How often do we bribe people and are we justified in doing so. I personally feel that in my country, bribing is the easiest way out. You want something, grease his palms and lo, it appears real fast. If not, go here, there and everywhere, but to no avail. Life becomes a long wait and frustration seeps in. I know it is bad and we should not do so, but to what cost. You get a ticket from a policeman, then the circle of coming and going to courts start, ultimately after much harrassment, you get to pay a lot more than what you would have paid to bribe the police. Socially, it is wrong, practically it is right.What is a person supposed to do. Being righteous sounds good on paper and in talks but in real life, it does not work. Am i right.
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