Big Problem with Dark Seer

July 27, 2007 3:46am CST
I have seen this hero Dark Seer, and I dont know what items to buy, what skills to upgrade, as its all very confusing. Will anyone pls clarify?
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@Boomber (58)
• Malaysia
15 Aug 07
I hate dark seer, so ugly and this is really an annoying hero. However, talking baout what shud he buy, bracer is definitely a starter item and it's pretty practical. Use your shield to farm and kill the hero by getting near them You can use vacum to suck the opponents near you. Vanguard is a good buy for him follow by dagon/ skadi. Dark seer is a sneaky hero, so just play around and you will know how to master his skill.
@Fratey (37)
• Sweden
15 Aug 07
This hero is one of the few melee's that is a living hell to lane against thanks to ion shell. Skadi is, as you specified, very useful.
• Australia
29 Jul 07
I dont have much idea but ill tell you what i can, usually bracers are a good idea if youre only just starting out at a hero, late game, i cant help you there sorry, but skills i would probably get vacuum and shell at the start, shell is great if you know how to use it well as for burst, it helps but save for later and get ultimate when you can, hope i helped
• India
29 Jul 07
Thanks dude. That was of gr8 help. I figured the late game inventory. I bought Radiance as it stacks with Iron shell. And Eye of Skadi to slow the enemies.
• United States
23 Dec 10
Get intelligence treads, vanguard, and then work to a sheepstick or shivas. He is to be used as an int support hero.
• Philippines
13 Feb 09
Hmm dark seer has no problems in farming. You can even go to the neutral creeps to farm at level 1. Just equip first with stout shield. It helps you block some attacks. Don't buy any regen items yet. You can have hands of midas + dagon in less than 17mins depending on the neutral creeps that spawns. For the skills use shell and vacuum. Pump it up until level 4. His last skill is good for the team. Equip it with HP boost items such as BKB or tarasque. Buy guinsoo or shivas. Etc etc. depending on what enemy you have. I hope this helps.
@jalbeos (1176)
• Philippines
29 Jul 07
His 2nd skill is best for combat. However, you need to get bracers at first... mask of madness would help. If I use this hero, I'll buy to HoT... other items are depending on his opponents. You can't just buy and buy without thinking your opponents. ~mar