Celebrating my first day on

My top friend. - I am so glad to a friend of the senator.

I never thought if such kind of a thing could happen so soon!
July 27, 2007 3:53am CST
Tomorrow gonna be a spectascular and splendid day for as I celebrate my first birth day. I would be glad to thank God that everything has now turned in my favour after some periods that saw it unnecesary to celebrate birth days. Infact it was the reverse;one could have celebrated if he died earlier but in spite of all hurdles,mountains and moulhills,seas and storms;I never forgot to thank God for the gift of life that is so precious. I must admitt that God ruled and judged in my favour,God came to my rescue and comforted me,wipped my tears and restored my happiness. That was the first time that I realised that I had a good smile that I could not control it. I smiled again in utter ray of happiness in front of the governments spokesman. I wish to thank my friends here who indeed encouraged me during my most difficult time in history. I would be unfair not mention a few and in that regard,I wish to in the highest degree thank Heavensent and uuth704 for instaling such kind of courage in me. I am also so glad to have senator Obama as my top friend in my myspace profile. He is building my political career in the highest degree. Long live my friend Obama;if yoo want to view Obama's videos why not do that right here? www.myspace.com/mwashu www.moreinfo247.com/9620555/FREE
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