simple things in life that makes you happy

@rexiemay (402)
July 27, 2007 9:21am CST
1. seeing that ive earned so much in my lot account!!! yipee that is more than 1 cents!!! :) 2. my friendster account "who has viewd me" reached a total of 200 a month. wow!!! i never know that so may people views me. hehehe 3. no class for the day. 4. the professor is absent corollary to no. 4 5. mall sales 6. waking up at the right side of the bed 7. seeing friendly familiar faces 8. seeing that there are 10 new messages on the phone after 1 hour of not checking on it 9. being texted by your boyfriend 10. being remembered by old friends
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@cher913 (25889)
• Canada
27 Jul 07
yup i have to agree here is a few of mine seeing my kids smile feeling their hugs and kisses (they are 14 & 10) having my favourite meal! playing scrabble with the kids. flowers taking pictures getting an e card from my hubby
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