How do i teach a thug?

July 27, 2007 7:01pm CST
I am a teacher. i teach from house to house. A thug, who is also my freind got to know that i teach and will want me teach him how to read and write. He left school at a early age. His parent could not afford taking him to school so they put him at a work shop to learn how to work with iron. At the end of his trainning he should be able to build gate, and other things u can bulid with iron. He got muture at the work shop, not really wanting to work with what he learn . So one day he decided to join boys in town who forcefully collect money from every forms of trader by the road side. also from bus driver. he has to be on the road for a limited hour. he surpose to deliver an amount of money to the done. if makes exatly what he is surpose to deliver then made nothing for that day. if make below, he is owing the done. his job has to do with fighting people because nobody like to give them money. at times they will remove something from the bus, and it normally lead to fight. from the scare all over his face, u can tell. he want to move ahead. he want to sit so that his boys will also be deliverying for him. they said anybody who want to sit at home should know how to read and write. too shy to go back school. he want me to be coming to be teching him privately. i will start the first teaching tommorow. am only going to fiind out his level tommorow. with what he does daily, u can see his oritention. with this oritation, how will i pass knowledge to him. i can't teach him like those primary school student.he is even older than me. i need an expirence teacher to guide me on how to go about it.
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28 Jul 07
I am very confused as to why you can be a teacher but yet not know how to teach. I don't teach but I would think that teaching an adult would be something that you should be trained in. I don't know what country you are in cos you are unspecified but you should look into a place that is free of cost that teaches adults to read and learn. I am in the UK and here the goverment runs a scheme. I think also if this man really wants to make a change in his life then he needs to stop what he is doing first.