Is there something wrong with being prissy?

United States
July 27, 2007 8:07pm CST
Today, me and my family went to the pool, and afterwards, we were planning to go to the store. So, I didn't want to get my hair wet or wash off my makeup. I am not much of a swimmer, I like to just lathe in the water a bit, to cool myself off, then lay in the sun on a lounge chair. I was soaking in the water and my 3 year old son was trying to get me all soaked, and so I got out. Some stranger said to me, "Why are you so prissy?" I thought she was so rude! I mean, if it is my preference, who is she to ask me why I am the way I am? Besides, like I said, we were going shopping after we got done at the pool, so I didn't want to get my hair wet, because it would become frizzy, and I didn't want to wash my makeup off! Who cares if I'm prissy! Is there something wrong with that? Would you look down on me because I am prissy? I mean, everyone is different, and if I like to wear makeup and have nice hair, does that make me a bad person? Tell me your thoughts.
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@onlinebiz (119)
• Singapore
28 Jul 07
Prissy? What does it mean?? It does sound unpleasant though. I think she should have commented in a more pleasant manner, at least you will feel better isn't it? Your plans does make absolute sense, cos it is really troublesome to shower and put on new make-up all over again! ^^ By the way, all girls love to look pretty, it is not a sin! Regards, Adrienne
• United States
28 Jul 07
Prissy means (coming from wiktionary) being excessively prim, proper, particular or fussy. I do then to be quite prissy, I don't want to mess up my makeup or hair when I am out, and I like to look prim and proper. It is not a sin, like you said, to want to look pretty. Thanks for the response.
@jbb316 (1779)
• United States
29 Jul 07
That was so rude of that person. They don't even know you. So what if you didn't want to get your makeup or hair messed up. that is your business. Who are they to judge you and there are plenty who do the same thing at the pool and most of the time they aren't even going anywhere after, they just don't want people to see them without makeup on. I say it is your perrogative. If that is what you choose to do go for it. Who the h*ll are they? Being different is what makes everyone unique. How boring would it be if we were all the same.