July 27, 2007 10:12pm CST
Hi..any DotA Gamers here? tell me bout ur fav heros and why?? post ur guide too here!
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• Philippines
1 Aug 07
here's my fae one: luna moonfangs guide to battle build for battle type( id on't recommend using aghanims on luna co'z he already has an aoe attack for free) use lothar's edge, power treads, butterfly, satanic, monkey king bar, and lastly use burriza do kyanon. this build is 100% certified to take down 2 heroes at a time when you kick off your ult using lothars edge^^ and another one? hmmm... a lot of people disclaim meepo as a wek adversary, but to tell the real details, heres' why he's strong: good aoe items like mekanasm, radiance, assault curias, and manta style will do the real dirty trick, just imagine having five of your likes on the field when you are at a team play 5 on 5, go figure^^
• Malaysia
2 Aug 07
yo bro..a nice!
• Philippines
2 Aug 07
haha well just don't mind the typographical errors... i was grawgy when i wrote that guide
• India
29 Jul 07
My fav heros are Faceless Void and Mortred. Well, for Faceless Void, i always make Mask of Madness and 2 cranium bashers and then butterfly and buriza. The bash and crits go a long way in hero killin. Mortred has the most awesome crits in late game. Just have to increase damage. I buy battle fury as it helps in farming. And Satanic for lifesteal and MKB.
• Malaysia
30 Jul 07
wow..good one!
• Philippines
11 Aug 07
i always have the most kills when i play lion.. impales super quick cooldown and that wat seems look like unlimited mana.. you stun with impale then criter them.. atk some more and by the time impales ready again then i needed u just pwn them with ur ulty..
@nofear07 (48)
• Philippines
9 Aug 07
There are many choices. For me I like Bone Clinx. Bone is cool. The best for 5 on 5 battle. Atleast you have an item such as sange and yasha and butterfly, you have a great contribution to your teammates and maybe you can win because of this character. I think many of us Dota gamers use to master this hero. It's great.