Communication: How would tell a friend and visitor that he has BO!

By Nic
@academic2 (7010)
July 28, 2007 2:41am CST
Courtesy sometimes requires that we suffer silently! I have a friend who has a close pal of his with an offensive Body Odour(BO). Each time my friend visits me, this other friend of his also shows up and my living room just becomes Hell, literally stinking! Telling the culprit off would be embarrassing to my friend as well, let alone being embarrassing to the concerned person himself! What would you do in such a sensitive situation! How would you communicate this subject accross!
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@wooitsmolly (3613)
• United States
28 Jul 07
Honestly, I don't know what I would do in that situation. My friend's ex-boyfriend had BO, but you could really only tell if you were standing close to him... needless to say I stayed far away! The reason he smelled was because he was allergic to deodorant so he couldn't wear it.. that's what he said to my friend and she told us. I felt bad for him.
@williamjisir (22903)
• China
28 Jul 07
I don't think that I will ever tell him about the ob problem because I don't want to make him feel uncomfortable and unease. I would like me to be the person rather than my friend. If I really had to say so, I would make a suggestion that we go out somewhere in the open air for a walk or go somewhere to have a swim in a humble way.
@aribaba (368)
• Indonesia
28 Jul 07
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