STRANGE PICTURES.. Help me figure out.

July 28, 2007 5:02am CST
Hi there. We went to BOHOL, PHILIPPINES. One of the best white sand resort in the country. I work as an ESL Instructor for Koreans. We had out SUMMER CAMP in Cebu and we took the chance to visit the neighboring island - BOHOL, for some escapade. While we were on the beach, I took some pictures of my students. Here's one that I found strange. When I took this, I used my Nokia 6680. I was a bit distant. SO i had to zoom it quite 2 or 3 times to focus the students a little bit of the background. After taking it, i just ignored it but when i uploaded the picture on my notebook, i found a black "gorilla-looking" figure on the picture. SOme students say that it looks like the lady in the "THE DRUDGE" horror movie. There was no stone, wood, or somebody in the background when i took it. IT was a plane whitesand-water-sky background. Please help me figure this one out.
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