A nickel to go, exit stage left

@oldiebut (859)
July 28, 2007 7:33am CST
Well I am pretty sure I can hit payout this month which means I can finally flee mylot. Ere I depart I would like to give a doff of the old lid to a couple of people. Jimbo I enjoyed your posts, a rarity for me on mylot. Sounds like we are two slightly crazed middle aged people in a pod. Good luck to you and your wife. Pyewacket, other than one subject we seem to get along quite well, a funny old world isn't it. Hope things work out for you however you approach it. Thanks to the group that chased down the fraud spammer last week. We got him. I received a nice note from mylot confirming it. There will be more of him sadly. To myloters in general I would advise you start really raising cane about the amount of referral link garbage here. It is really start to clog up the forum and unless dealt with it is only going to get worse. It is one of the reasons I feel good about leaving. To the 50 some people with friend requests to me. My apologies, I stopped doing the friends thing shortly after starting. I am more into discussions than making friends online, I almost consider them imaginary. So it was no fault of yours, solely mine. Enjoy your lives people, and remember there is a sun outside, take time to enjoy it every so often. I will reply while I can, I will be deleting the account after payment.
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@pyewacket (44036)
• United States
1 Aug 07
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I just couldn't help but respond to this...and was flabbergasted that you actually named me here...wow...I have actually requested a friends request from you believe it or not...strange world no despite our different viewpoints... I hope in some ways you might reconsider leaving...I too am venturing out more and may not be able to spend so much time here as I used to yet I still plan to stay here no matter what..I've met too many great folks just to walk away... I have a lot of things going for me...maybe more than I can handle and being the Renaissance person I am wish there were 60 hours in a day--I've developed a craft website to show off my crafts to sell...I have my photo websites to get my work published again..I have now some articles published at AC...I have and am working on more articles, short stories and novels in the works...gee...think I'm taking on too much?...Can I ask a question..why are you leaving...believe it or not I would miss my favorite oldiebut--proper name....LOL the two of us are oldbutts..LOL Hope you reconsider--I would miss my antagonist----Maybe you might understand my viewpoints more if you had realized I'm a "born again pagan"--no can't claim to ride on a nimbus 2000 broom, or have green skin and warts, or make batches of gingerbread cookies..but yup am a witch! Now be nice in your reply here--hey don't want me to cast a spell on you...LOL..still would have loved to have seen a pic of your little Tess. For the record here's a photo of my one cat I have, Pyewacket..the obvious inspiration of my name here...remember Bell, Book and Candle??