All family get paralysis suddenly.......True Sad Story

July 28, 2007 10:11am CST
Hello myLotter I read in newspaper today, there was a family with 4 sons. At 10 years old the oldest son get high fever and then he became paralyzed suddenly. And all his brother get the same experience at 10 years too, after years the father got the same illness and make him paralyzed too. The mother are 65 years old and she must take care all her sons and her husband, she work for feeding them and no one help her. I really want to cry when I read that, doctor can't find the causes that make them paralysis, he said that their sick is very weird. Have you ever heard any other sadness story? This is true story.. Share with me please, maybe we can pray for them. God bless you and thank you
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@kayrod2 (1304)
• Australia
29 Jul 07
This is such a sad story. What a terrible thing to happen to this family. I havent heard of it happening before. I buy a magazine that is full of real life stories from everyday people. Some of the stories are so sad, i have tears running down my face. But there are good stories too. I love reading the stories in the magazine. Best wishes to you, angel
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• Australia
31 Jul 07
Hello kayrod2 Thank you for your respond, I like true story too, make me know more about life and how to survive. God bless you