Cryptography-Network security

July 28, 2007 12:38pm CST
Do u know what is cryptography? Cryptography is an art to make secure communications in a public network.The word "Cryptography" derives from the Greek word Kruptos,meaning "Hidden".Some of the users of the many cooperating computers that make up the internet or other networks may don't need to monitor the secure communications of their information with other network traffic that continuously passes through their machines.However many sensitive personal and business communications over the internet require precautions to prevent the unauthorized access to their information during transmission through a public network.Cryptography is the way of protecting information By transforming it into an unreadable format using some secret code.The focus point of this paper is network security mechanism achieved by cryptography.This paper has the purpose to define some of the terms and concepts behind basic cryptographic methods, and to offer a way to compare different cryptographic schemes in use today.Cryptography, over the ages, has been an art practiced by many who have devised ad hoc techniques to meet some of the information security requirements.The last twenty years have been a period of transition as the discipline moved from an art to a science.There are now several international scientific conferences devoted exclusively to cryptography and also an international scientific organization, the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR),aimed at fostering research in this area.A very simple model of network security is shown in the picture which I have added.
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