Telemarketers & Scams

United States
July 28, 2007 3:29pm CST
Yesterday I had a telemarketer call here. They stated that I was chosen to receive $6000 (yeah, one of those), for such and such reasons, I dont feel like typing out the whole anyways, he says that all they need is my bank account # to be able to put the money in my account. and the money would be there the next day, the only thing is they would need my permission to take out a little over $300 for taxes or something like that.. well, I did end up hanging up on him after just a little bit.. the guy calls back so after a while of the phone ringing because he keeps calling back I pick up the phone and hang up again.. well then my bf decides he is gonna talk to them.. he believes the guy and really thinks this guy wants to put $6000 in my account (he's a idiot!) anyways.. has anyone else had the same crap happen? cant they get in trouble for lying to people like this? trying to get bank account numbers and stuff.. I believe that not only would I have NOT got the money but they probably would have tried to just take the $300 + out of my account.
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• United States
30 Jul 07
that is a scam if I have ever heard one you should never give your account number out to anyone unless they canprove who they are and that you trust them and still I would have a hard time doing it hope that everything is ok and I pray that he did not give thisw guy the acc.number