Living a life for a purpose.

July 28, 2007 6:55pm CST
Gone are the days where going to church is mandatory. nowadays, some people goes to church ocassionally maybe during x-mas, weddings, or church's feast. more people believe of serving God after they become rich. so, they spend much of their time for achieving their personal goal in life. they believe that doing good things is enough for not attending precious mass. but how would they know the Good Words, for this is mainly discuss inside God's houses. as they say "7 days without prayer makes 1 weak." having in mind the faith of eternal life where life on earth is temporary in preparation for our true life in heaven together with the Father. life is supposed to be hard for in this way we are challenge to build a strong relationship with the Lord with the foundations of love. yes, people are so hard to convince but for believers like me it's a challenge bringing back the lost sheeps of God into the right purpose of life. as for me, i'd rather be a small man having a big heart in God's eyes. my purpose is simple, to serve the Lord with all my heart. hoping you'll have same purpose as mine. anyway what are your purpose/s in life?
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