Americas Funniest Home Videos.

October 25, 2006 9:27pm CST
Is there anything that has happened to you that could be put on Americas Funniest Home Videos and win first place. Details, pls...Give me details. When my neice got married, she tried on her dress six months before she got married. On the day of her marriage, she asked me to videotape her getting dressed...from Bustier to veil. Well, I did. She had her bustier and slip on, then she tried the dress on, and it was too small. She could not get it zipped up. She had gained so much weight. Well, she had a fit. She was crying...Honestly, and she was panicking...two hrs before the wedding. It was very hilarious. We finally actually took out seams, and stitched her in her dress. She could barely breathe. I had a hard time keeping from laughing at her when I was taping it. I think I would have won the 10,000 dollars on Americas funniest home videos.
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