Found a site which actually pays you big cash

@Hybr1d (19)
United States
July 29, 2007 3:50am CST
I'm lucky to find this site. Since, I'm on for like 3 hours on the computer each day. I was searching around for a site that pays you a decent wage on the internet (enough to pay off some small bills). Mylot was an Ok GPT site, but it doesent pay enough. I actually got paid a total of like $40 bucks so far in 2 months from this site called "cashcrate". All, I do is like 3rd grade stuff like register for free websites. I'm actually considering letting my 5th grade cousin do this. It's that freaking easy. If anyone is intrested, then you should give this website a try. If your worried that this website is a scam, then go to the forums and check the Payment section. You will see pictures of people's checks. That ought to be enough proof.
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