wrecked my laptop! AAAARRRGGGHHH!

July 29, 2007 6:42pm CST
I don't know if anybody noticed, but I have been gone from myLot for about four days. It was not intentional, just a stupid freak accident. I had gone downstairs to get myself a nice hot mug of green tea, set it beside my laptop, sat on my large comfy swivel chair, and promptly swivelled to catch the phone ringing behind me, where I had dropped it on the floor. I heard a sloshing crashing sound and HORRORS! my green tea had gone all over the laptop and dripped all over my papers piled on the floor (I am a seriously neatness challenged packrat). I immediately turned off the laptop, grabbed the upturned mug, then ran to get something to sop up the wet. I almost cried! But I was too busy kicking myself mentally, because I had a feeling it would happen, and I thought of setting the mug to the other table on my right, but decided to go the lazy route and set the mug to my left. I soaked up all the tea and set the laptop on its back end, to drip dry on the tower. I left it like that for three days, replacing the towel periodically, and prayed to all the saints and angels (and of course, God) to please please please let my laptop live. To cut a long story short, I tried it this morning and rejoiced when the row of green lights turned on when I plugged the power in and clicked the button on. Oddly, the message said the machine needed reconfiguring and so I went to wake my son, who is an IT guy. By the time he got to the laptop, the screen was black. My heart sand to the words, "Mom, this thing is toast! It's not even worth getting it fixed!" AAAAARGGGHHH! My whole life is in this thing--my memos, my downloads, my records, my myLot link, my novel-in-the-making! This can't be happening! I was sick to my stomach....My son shakes his head at me disapprovingly, because he has told me over and over NEVER to have liquids close to anything electronic, but would I listen? Nooo...the shoe is on the other foot, because it wasn't too long ago that I was the one nagging him thus. My son has a laptop similar to mine ( got them both at the same time)--it runs but the screen hinge is busted, so the screen needs to be propped up to be of use. I crossed my fingers when he transferred my hard drive to his laptop. Hallellujah! It works! I can get onto myLot again! I have learned my LESSON! I can't believe how much separation anxiety I suffered being away from myLot so long! I missed you guys, but I could have kicked myself for not following my gut instinct. Anybody out there with a similar experience, who did not listen to intuition, went ahead and did something against a hunch, and lived to regret it?
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@gabs8513 (48715)
• United Kingdom
1 Aug 07
Well I certainly noticed you had gone quiet on me Now do not put any drinks near your Laptop (I do not know how you can drink that Tea tree yuk) I am so glad that your Son has managed to sort you out lol If My Computer ever broke I would be lost I am hoping to be able to save for a Laptop myself soon but I have been saying that for a year now lol
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• Canada
1 Aug 07
I don't know if I would recommend a laptop. Had I spilled green tea (not tea tree, Blondie, that's poisonous! Hahahaha! I love you anyway...LOL!!!) on the keyboard of a PC, not much harm done, but I guess I've been hanging around too many blonds lately I'm catching "it" -- hubby is blond too! With a laptop, you spill liquid on the darn thing whatever it is goes straight down the innards of a laptop and fritzes the circuits. Dang! Just a natural born klutz, I guess...:-C