having a licence to kill

@kean28 (226)
July 29, 2007 10:14pm CST
im just wondering what if our goverment made a new rule to kill all people who dont diserve to live in this world..those people who sucks, those people who hurt u badly agree or disagreee???
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• India
2 Nov 07
Then I will put a bomb on the demagogic politicians first.Then half the problems will be automatically solved.These politicians are the rot cause of many problems in our society ofcourse not all of them.Once they get into power they use the power to further their personal interests by causing discontent among the people.They are the cancer of the society and what we do if a part of our body is affected by cancer, we will incinerate the affected part ,likewise these cancer of the society is to be iradicated.I welcome such a decision if ever taken by the government
• Philippines
30 Jul 07
well, if that's the case i will do it every chance i get..i will sure be killing all people who tends to block me and all those who have gave me so much stress and pain in life..nonetheless i will be killing them brutally that they had to suffer to first to feel my pain before i go killing them.