Loving yourself - its the start of LOVE - then we learn to love others. Agree?

@Abbyey (760)
July 30, 2007 12:41am CST
LOVE - the word which has lots of meanings. Though LOVE is mostly linked to man and a woman who have feelings towards one another both physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. It is always mentioned in lots of books, tv commercials, movies, comics and all churches about how to show love to others. How we can make sure that the love we show is a genuine love and not LOVE that has a hidden purpose. LOVE is commonly mentioned as an emotion we give to others. Yet in a few words it is mention that it should begin with ourselves. I believe that a person cannot really show the REAL meaning of LOVE if he/she doesnt Love herself/himself. One can pretend that she/he loves another person or friends or family yet you can observe that the type of love was selfish or possessive at times too. It is because one has not learn to love oneself in the beginning. LOVING oneself is different from too much VANITY. Where in you idolize yourself already. What iam saying is loving yourself not in providing material things or extreme pampering of yourself. But more of giving yourself respect/honor/admiration/encouragement... and not discounting yourself. We can sense this discounting and i believe everyone at one moment have done it too. When someone praise you for a good work / performance / a beautiful pice you created / simply your kindness... mostly you dont accept the praise or complement rather say, "oh thats nothing" you say things that discounts your own work. This is one part that needs to be revisited and be reminded that discounting yourself is not helpful. Iam sharing this to you because i want to share that LOVE begins in us... We have to learn to love ourself. Loving ourself starts from knowing that the one who created us LOVED us so much too. With the acceptance of that LOVE, we grow and the more we can express our love for others. REAL LOVE.
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