Adoption outside of the U.S.

United States
July 30, 2007 2:18am CST
The United States of America, a country of such diversity and growth is becoming extremely crowded, granting more and more orphans each year, yet people continually adopt outside of the U.S. Will this become an issue or has it already? I believe that it already has, with our population growing soo much every year will we really have room for the Americans to come? Maybe not!?! As we see more and more orphans being brought to the US every year, what will become of the many orphans that here in the US? It's startling to believe that people don't actually care about overpopulation. I know it may seem selfish to those that aren't really reading this, but the truth of the matter is we don't even allow our neighbors to enter this country easily.. why should we allow others? Because they're children? maybe, but this sounds like more of a battle of sympathy than brains.
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