Ever wanted to face your enemys

New Zealand
July 30, 2007 4:31am CST
Ever wanted to face the people that used to bully you at school,I have and I did face the students that bullied me in Highschool,and showd them what I do for a job when they asked me, they felt guilty and one said if it wasn't for them bullying me that I would have never become a bodybuilder or a personal bodyguard, I was so close to swatting him,but I didn't, as I watched two shop clerks and a janitor wander around at the school reunion, they had to show us thier awesome cars, untill they spotted the hotrod sitting in the back row of all the cars in the parking lot,I heard a few people commet on it that it must be owned by someone rich, and then I heard one of my bullies say that the rod was his, so I asked if he would like the keys to go for a ride, talk about putting the boot in. So do you ever wish you had the oppotunity t5o face your enemys...
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