What do you think of Kirsten Dunst?

kirsten dunst - what do you think of her?
@az03r4 (916)
July 30, 2007 4:47am CST
hey, I c u must be know about Spiderman, aren't u? That's really wonderful film. Now I wanna ask u somethin, Do you like kirsten dunst as MJ? if so, pliz tell me why, if not pliz tell us who's the best artist to be MJ in Spiderman?
6 responses
• India
31 Jul 07
yes i like kirsten dunst as mj
@az03r4 (916)
• Indonesia
8 Aug 07
I c.. thanks nanda
@dexterlab (458)
2 Jun 08
[b][u] well she done the great work in the movie.. it was look like that the it is the originalspiderman and she is her originol lover...
@ryshawneo (405)
• Philippines
28 May 08
She is hot and sexy! I like her so much! :)
@Nooby007 (21)
• Belgium
23 Aug 07
Kirsten Dunst was hot in the first Spider-Man movie, but then i think she lost a bit of weight and became to skinny, wich isn't very attractive imo.. But i don't like it when they change actors so she can stay but only if she gains some weight!
@avmaxfan (21)
• India
22 Aug 07
I like kirsten dunst a lot.I think she's perfect for MJ.No one can replace her.
@toasty (10)
• United States
19 Aug 07
Well I have to admit that she is NOT my favorite actress by any means. I do believe she is one of those niche actresses that are perfect for certain roles (ie bring it on) but when it comes to sincere drama she just can't cut it.