Browser Game

July 30, 2007 7:07am CST
Travian is a browser game featuring a world with thousands of other real players. One begins the game acting as a chief of a tiny village. There are 3 defferent races: Gauls, Romans and Teutons. If u don't play travian, you can register here You will not lose nothing if you register and see how is it, but i bet you will like it.
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@paulick (533)
• Denmark
30 Jul 07
I have joined, i will take a look at it, it looks ok, s fare.
• Romania
30 Jul 07
I hope you will continue to play it ;) . Good Luck!
@DakySlo (72)
• Slovenia
24 Jul 08
this is a nice game, and a good way to pass the time
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
4 Aug 07
Yeah, I started to play it a couple of days ago, and I can say - it's really addictive! One of the games that will make your social and personal life suffer... I chose the Romans, they are expensive but their units are the strongest. Best race when game turns into late stadium.
@kahheng (281)
4 Aug 07
yup, it is a fun online game.. but it is real taxing on one's time.. esspecially when u start to have more than 4 villages.. it can be bad for ones health too.. i have know a number of people quitting coz they lost the meaning of their life.. but then, some do continue and get more and more obssess with it.. lol.. yup, i would recommend it for those who like real time strategy games.. this is a simple version.. and very innovative of the creator.. hopefully, in time, more races will be introduced into the game.. kind of reminds me of AoE.. but this one is less complicated, and you play it for months!!...