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July 30, 2007 2:07pm CST
I love writing reviews, can anyone reccommend any review sites where I can be paid for writing - if you could tell me a little about them that would be fab! thanks
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30 Jul 07
hi you can try - there may also be one for other countries, you get paid for writing reviews on products if asked for a referral could you please use mine its littlemissh13, you earn money for certain reviews based on the number of times people read it and rate it helpful, have a look around the site see what you think
@Craig747 (491)
30 Jul 07
Ciao is probably the best site for writing reviews. My biggest paying site at the moment is Dollar Pays. I am currently getting around $3 per night for 10 minutes of work.
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30 Jul 07
Thanks Craig, I had a look but it looks like I might end up with lots of spam - is this the case?