Earn money for playing free games uk

July 30, 2007 3:32pm CST
Hi does anyone know a UK site that you can earn money for playing free games - like moola but it has got to be for people in the UK (moola is only for people in the US AND CA) thanx in advance
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31 Jul 07
Hi, I recently found a good site with a free game. You basically collect money whilst going round a map. You can protect your base and steal money from other peoples bases. In just two days I managed to earn 15$ which ain't too bad. http://www.wealthwars.com/?r=egox2k7
31 Jul 07
Oh yeah. It ain't a uk site but anyone can join. Payments through PayPal. Get a $5 signup bonus.
31 Jul 07
thanx i'll try it out later.
@Craig747 (491)
30 Jul 07
The following site will pay you to sign up to a couple of gaming websites where you can earn money. All sites are free to join and you will get your payment tonight! http://www.dollarpays.com/?refid=2012