How do you BEAT the HEAT?

@BlackBay (584)
July 30, 2007 10:38pm CST
Here in Thunder Bay it was 106 farrenheit,HOT for us. Stayed indoors in the AC to keep cool. How do you keep cool in those hot,lazy days of Summer? Got any cool drink ideas?
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@Gemmygirl1 (2870)
• Australia
31 Jul 07
Australian summers are that temperature & more :) It's never easy putting up with a couple of months at that constant heat but we manage. We usually have the air conditioner going as well as the ducted cooling system, we keep the house all blacked out as well but open everything up over night to try & help cool the place before the next day starts. Drinks? Well, we usually just have a lot of cordial & fruit juice on hand, as well as water. I like mixing different juices together to create something different & if i get the urge, i buy a cheap bottle of soda water & use that with cordial instead of normal water, it gives you a fizzy drink that tastes like nothing the main soft drink companies make!
@mindyja25 (181)
• United States
31 Jul 07
I just stay inside for the most durning the day I work inside. When I leave work I spend a few hours outside a night, end and out not all at once. If it's over a hundred or so I guess I kind of rush doing the things I need to do outside.
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• Canada
31 Jul 07
My fiance and i have no problem beating the heat here in Arizona. We have a swimming pool here, and there is a cafe and ice cream store right across the street. Even in 100 degree temperature, I like my coffee hot, but I always enjoy it with a nice cold ice cream cone.
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