Jackie Chan, Jet li, Bruce Lee, Tony Jaa...

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July 30, 2007 11:08pm CST
Who is the best martial artist and actor? I put Bruce lee on the list because people easily recognize him, but i do believe because of the time period you can't compare his stunts with those of jet, jackie, and tony jaa. Jackie chan even performed a stunt for bruce in the movie The chine connection (the big boss). If you have seen the protector or Ong bak you would easily rank tony jaa with jackie and jet li. Jackie, jet, and tony all perform their own stunts, no matter how crazy or diffucult they are. WHo do you rank as the best martial artist/acrobat/actor?
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31 Jul 07
I love Jackie Chan...mostly because he is usually in a funny movie, he is funny himself...and he does his own stunts and the bloopers at the end are so funny.
@diillu (5128)
31 Jul 07
I think in my point of view, Jet li is the best martial art artist. He is just too good. He perfomance are natural and best plus he is a good actor as well. And I must say that jackie, tony and bruce is also not bad either. They are also all very good. But my personal choice is Jet Li.