Gilbert's syndrome

@hm1177 (1223)
July 31, 2007 7:48am CST
hi, does anyone else have this condition. i've been in hospital with jaundice, fatigue, sore throat, sbdominal pain on right side, swollen glands and a urine infection. Anyway they have ruled out most other things but are waiting on results from viral checks on my liver but have said its most likely to be this. My bilirubin count is 88 and was told normal is between 2 and 16. Anyway the most annoying thing is the doctors have said not to worry about it and basically get on with things which is upsetting as i feel so bad. I know this is what happens with GS and that hopefully when my urine infection clears up i'll start to feel better but with 2 small kids to look after its annoying to be told theres nothing they can do to help. Does anyone else have this condition and able to offer advice/support? thanks in advance
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