Have You Ever Had Feeling For Something That Really Came True?

July 31, 2007 12:24pm CST
I just had one. My driving license was expired 10 days ago. As usual I just drove as usual if I had need without thinking of anthing. But today I really need to go out again to buy some stuffs for praying tomorrow. Suddenly I had a feeling that I had to stay away from crowded streets that day. So after buying some fruits, I suposed to drive back and took another street. But I really forgot about that. I took usual street just wishing nothing would happen. Too bad, what crossed my mind really happened. There were police blocking and have routine checking on vehicles and I couldnt get rid of it. I was busted and I had to pay the fine. Wha a bad day... :P
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@paulsy (1264)
• Philippines
31 Jul 07
I usually have that, especially with my immediate family members. I think it's called that "gut feel". There are certain things that happen, and I have that tendency to blurt out my thoughts out loud about what might come after, and voila, it happens! I always find myself saying, "see I told you so...", or "geez, I knew it!" I guess that's exactly the same reason why I am particularly careful about saying and doing things. I think well beforehand, especially when I have the strange feeling I won't like what would happen after. I think most women really do have this in themselves. I'm sure a lot of others have similar experiences too.
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• Indonesia
31 Jul 07
Yeah, maybe. But mostly something bad feeling I felt not really came true. And actually I hate when I had bad feeling about somethings.
• India
31 Jul 07
hahaha... well feel a bit sorry for ya.. yeah its happened to me so many times.. and i always curse myself for not having taken the other path... this is when things that you dont want happen but then again thats something we can do nothing about!
@ocalhoun (199)
• United States
31 Jul 07
People really need to find a way to get more in touch with the sixth sense... Things I can use it for: *I can tell when there are people around, especially if they are looking at me, thinking about me, or behind me. *I can find a desired object in a group of identical objects, but only if I really want it. (For example, I like horses, and I can pick out a Nevada state quarter out of a pile of quarters, despite the side of it that has horses on it facing down and the other side being identical to the rest of them.) *Very limited ability to tell the future. (For example, I had ordered some discs, and they were taking a long time to arrive. Yesterday I had a premonition that they would not show up that day, and they did not. I felt sure that they would show up today, and guess what? They did.) *Limited time travel. I can effect how quickly I pass through time. I can make 30 minutes seem like 5, or make 45 minutes seem like an hour. (Through a form of meditation I invented)