Peace of Mind...!

@Mitraa (3188)
July 31, 2007 12:55pm CST
Very often I get worried to think about the real causes of peace of mind. Whatever they may be, I think that our own thought and attitude for others determines our peace of mind only! If our thoughts are pure and natural for others, then we are sure to have peace of mind. Otherwise there will be irritations as a result of irrational / undue psychosis. Please express your thoughts on this.
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@sukumar794 (5047)
• Thiruvananthapuram, India
1 Aug 07
Health problems, insufficient financial resources, behavior of children in the family, envious friends and relative, uncongenial working atmosphere, unfaithful colleagues - these are but a few causes of losing your peace of mind.
@anonymili (3138)
31 Jul 07
This is rather a complicated one for me to try to answer, so I'll try to answer in as basic a way as I can manage. I think it's almost impossible to have real peace of mind for anyone. There will always be something to think about and some worry or issue that needs resolving. I, for one, can never completely clear my mind no matter how hard I try. Most people who know me call me a born worrier, I guess I inherited than from my dad. I try to have pure thoughts, but I end up worrying about everyone else all of the time and about something that I might have forgotten to do and I end up getting more stressed out than when I first set out to relax! Maybe you can give this pal of yours some useful tips on clearing her mind and being able to relax properly to attain peace of mind?