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July 31, 2007 3:04pm CST
harrys suppose to drop put?? when did this happen?? can someone fill me in im a full time mom who hasnt benn able to go see the movie or get the book fill me in please
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31 Jul 07
I'm unsure how far you have gotten in the books, but Harry does indeed drop out of Hogwarts for his seventh year. However, he leaves the school with good reason. I don't want to reveal too much and spoil too much about the book for you. I will say that Harry's departure from Hogwarts has to do with his attempt to defeat Voldemort (as was deemed pretty much necessary in the prophecy).
@prily9 (568)
• Indonesia
2 Aug 07
yes he was not longer at hogwarts, it was happen during his seven year at hogwarts. but he goes for good reason try to find horcrux and also hogwarts not safe anymore for him. I guess that's all I can tell. I'm scared if I told you more you will not have a good time to read deathly hallows.
@dfollin (12747)
• United States
1 Aug 07
If there is no chance that you will get the book and you want me to tell you what happened then I will be glad to.Let me know.