a ciderella story.......

July 31, 2007 8:23pm CST
okey! here's how the story goes!...... my daughter and i went out last night for a bottle of iced tea, we went out thru the clinic door which is near the pavement and the street, instead of going out thru the main door and the gate. we went back in thru that same clinic door, but we leave our slippers outside the doorsteps, we dont take our slippers inside, what i usually do when we use the clinic door is to pick up our slippers as we go in, and take it out in the main door, but last night, i have my hands full, so we just leave our slippers outside. we live in a subdivision/village i thought it was okey! i totally forgot about it till this morning, i went out to check my daughters slippers, and it was gone. i asked a neighbor if she see someone near the clinic doorsteps, she said no, our house was just in front of hers. we went back home, and stayed outside the gate for a moment, thats when i saw this boy, i knew the boy he's only 2 years old or more, trailing with his mother with a pink slippers... i usually saw the boy wandering near the clubhouse alone and barefooted. i immediately whisper to my helper, and said "that's ceejay's slippers." ceejay saw it too and she became excited pointing to the boy's feet, she doesn't talk yet, from what i understand, she also recognize her slippers. if you were in my situation will you ask the mother about the slippers her boy is wearing,... i cannot, i dont really know the mother and i dont know what will her reaction be if i told her the slippers her boy is wearing is actually my daughters. besides you cant just tell people your boy took my daughters slippers, and i didn't actually see the boy take the slippers. my daughter slippers is a pink one with a half inch hill. we just let the mother and the boy passed by, laughing our heart out, we dont know what to do, but my daughter is crying its her favorite... so... will you ask the mother... if yes..how.. what's the best approach.. i dont want to offend the mother.... its not that expensive but its my daughter's favorite, and we bought that from a mall two and a half hour travel from our home.
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