how beautiful....mianhada, should watch this!!!

July 31, 2007 8:53pm CST
Cha Moo-Hyuk (played by So Ji-Sup) is a gangster in australia. his gang targets asian tourists. they pretend to help then they would eventually rob the victim. Song Eun-Chae (played by Lim So-jung) was in australia for the shooting of a commercial of Choi Yoon(jung kyeong-ho),a well-known korean singer. Eun-Chae is Yoon's makeup artist,and yoon is Eun-Chae's love for 20 years. In the commercial, yoon is working with Kang min-joo(Suh Ji-Young),the playgirl-actress whom he's so crazy in love with. He seeks help from eun-chae,to be able to get close to min-joo, because min-joo and Eun-chae were close friends. Eun-Chae was hurt(of course!). When they almost met an accident,and Eun-Chae was wounded,trying to save yoon,She used it as an excuse so that she cannot go to a dinner date with yoon and min-joo. she pretended to be asleep when yoon sang a lullaby for her,and when yoon went to date, she tried to go back to korea all alone. But she got lost,and became a victim of Cha Moo-Hyuk's gang. During that time, Cha Moo-Hyuk was so broken hearted because the girl he was living with decided to leave him for a richer man. He was not with the gang when they robbed Eun-chae. So Eun-Chae did not know what to do. She walked around the city,hoping to find someone who could help her. She was not very good in English. Then when she already gave up,she just sat in a sidewalk far from the stores of the city and cried. that's when Cha moo-hyuk passed by that sidewalk and tried to talk to her. He greeted her in chionese and in Japanese, but she did not respond. When He asked her if she was Korean she suddenly stood up and jumped up and down. She was thankful, and he brought her to a men's bar. He allowed her to drink and when she was drowsy,he told her he had to go somewhere but he'll be back. But he sold her to the manager. He then proceeded to their hideout. He saw his friends rummaging through a ladies' suitcase. He did not pay any attention,but when a passport landed in front of him, he picked it up and opened it. And it was Eun-Chae's. He rushed back to the bar,just in time to save Eun-Chae. they slept together that night in cardboards. Eun-chae was shivering and he suddenly hugged her. "I have a husband and child in Korea" She complained. "just sleep if you don't want to freeze to death", he replied. When Eun-Chae woke up the next morning,moo-hyuk was gone. and her suitcase was beside her. They were not able to know each other's name. Weeks later, moo-hyuk was invited to Ji-Young's wedding. He went, and there was an assasination,but moo-hyuk saved ji-young's life, and he was hit by two bullets in the head. The other bullet was removed successfully, but the other one was too dangerous to remove,so he was told that there would be no second miracle. He would just have to wait for his death. Ji-Young gave him money and told him to go back to korea. He did, in order to search for his mother. He was given to an orphanage as a baby, and he assumed that his mother did so because of financial problems. He wanted to meet his mother and to make her life better before he died. He found his twin first. She was mentally retarded because she was hit by a truck when she was 7 years old. He has a son, because someone molested her. Moo-Hyuk pitied his sister, and when he found out that their mother was a well-known actress, and was never bothered financially,and she has a son she loved so well, he planned his revenge. Her son Was Choi yoon,and because of that, He met Eun-Chae again. He fell in love with Eun-Chae,and he saw how Eun-Chae fit to his family. He Even asked God that if God would let Eun-Chae be with him in his remaining days,and if he won't be provoked any longer, he would forget his revenge. This is a Must-Watch for korean drama-movies LOVERS!!!!
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