Losing Hope

United States
August 1, 2007 1:25am CST
and it always happens this way...do you ever get the feeling ur life is only juss some big video game????like, ur holding the controller, and TRYING to win the game, but this big fat explosion seems to happen right when ur home free. and everyone dies. its like... man, u r trying, and you get so far, almost to the end. but it all juss disappears. and you know what makes it worse???is that its not expected. u think ur winning. ur so excited. ur pressing those buttons and ur thumbs are sore and u wanna stop but u gotta win!!! and ur hopes r sooo high and ur gunna win right? WRONG...its all done, game over for u. and ur so much more disappointed than ur brother who had a turn right before u and didnt make it past level one. he sucks. it doesnt matter that he lost cuz he knows he sucks. but u. U ALMOST HAD IT! u could taste it!...Lie juss ends up that way, doesnt it? if it doesnt for ou.. and you always seem to win your games,..plz gimme a tip or two cuz my thumbs are tired.
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@budsr03 (2354)
• Canada
1 Aug 07
Sure some people win their games, but that is because they don't give up! They pick themselves up, dust themselves off and try again! Yes some doors will slam shut in your face, but there are other doors that will open! As long as you keep a thread of hope you will survive to see that your life can improve. Sometimes a little bit of self help is required. Take care Mchavez42907.