are you organised?

@nic24uk (571)
August 1, 2007 7:01am CST
im not i find it hard to keep things organised in my home. i never know where anything is. i would like to be more organised but whenever i try i always fail. i think im just to lazy anyone have any tips on how to be more organised?
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@superchook (1786)
• Australia
1 Aug 07
When my husband goes away I am very organised, but as soon as he comes back he unorganises everything. I try to keep on top of things but can't and we quite often lose things and it drives me crazy. The other thing I hate is, we will put a bill or letter in a safe place and then when we try to remember where that is, we can't remember. I guess it really is a safe place when we can't even find it. LOL!
@nic24uk (571)
1 Aug 07
yeah i know what you mean i do that all the time lol
@rhinoboy (2129)
7 Aug 07
Like yourself, we're very disorganised and constantly lose objects of all descriptions around the house. The basic plan I came up with stems from the old motto "A place for everything and everything in it's place" I found that it makes things easier if you at least decide on a place that things 'should' go. That way, things don't just get shoved away in drawers and cupboards. It takes much less time to do a 'quick tidy round' when you know where everything should go. We still have a long way to go, further in-fact since we had the baby as the house is now permanently strewn with toys!