How will you know if it is the will of God in your Life?

August 1, 2007 7:01am CST
many of the christians now are doing many things like choir ministry,children ministry,music ministry,soul winning mibistry,youth ministry and many more. we christiansare involve in many things as we walk wiht the Lordand serve him.While serviving him we do some decision in our life especially in choosing a life partner,waht corse will i get after high school or will i enter Bible school?those are the sample questions that is being asked to ourselves,and when we do some step ahead we feel that were not happy on the things that we are doing and ask ouselves is it the will of God in my life.What do you think?
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@rmuxagirl (7562)
• United States
1 Aug 07
I know what God's will for my life is because it simply feels right and that's where I need to be. Anything else just doesn't seem to fit me. It's hard to explain how you know when something is a part of God's will...It's like just know.
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@tigertang (1750)
• Singapore
19 Oct 07
I agree with you. I think God, or whoever is the devine maker of everything that we see, communicates with us through our hearts. Its like an unexplainable feeling of you know everything fits. One of the best stories was told to me by a friend of mine. He said that a man was on a house in an area that was flooding. First came a man in a boat and offered him a ride. He refused and said God was going to rescue him. Then, a second man in a boat came by and once again he refused. The waters were getting higher and finally when his neck was barely above the water, a helicopter came by and still he refused - saying that God would save him. Finally he drowned and when he went to heaven, he asked God why he never came to his rescue - to which God replied - I sent three people to rescue you and each time you turned them down. POint being - God doesn't usually talk in dramatic signs but he talks to you alot. Its just that most people aren't listening.