August 1, 2007 12:38pm CST
Is it good to be pregnant, when you are young or when you have matured enough? for me i feel that it is always good to be pregnant after you are financially stable.What about you? FYI:There several herbs to induce midcarriages, which includes parsley , chinese angellica(AKA angelica sinesis).Ascrobic acid which exist in vitamin C also prevents the fertilised eggs from implanting itself in the uterus lining.( NEVER TRY THIS AT HOME AS IT MAY BE AN HAZZARD TO YOUR BODY )you should consult a doctor before using any kind of medication.clinical abortions is the best way to induce miscarriages as it is 100% effective.All the above mentioned herbs are posted only for reader's knowledge.
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@tomysole (457)
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1 Aug 07
It's probably best to be financially set before having kids, but then again when you do have kids it teaches you many important lessons in life that wll help you not only in your career but with you inner self.