is it true that yogurt helps burn calories?

August 1, 2007 3:56pm CST
ive heard that eating yogurt or buttermilk before you go to bed helps your body burn calories while youre asleep. is that true? or just another one of those amazing weight loss tales?
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@underdogtoo (9599)
• Philippines
15 Jun 08
I would not know for sure but there have been many accounts of yogurt being good for losing weight I really cannot tell whether it is just a perception or there are real studies to back it up.
@mtdewgurl74 (18118)
• United States
15 Aug 07 These links may be of some help to you I know they were to me. I have also heard that eating 1 serving of nonfat yogurt with live cultures will help lose weight because it is keeping your digestive system burning calories all night long. And helps in losing weight. I think that is the same way with the butter milk is because it has live cultures. It has to say on the container that it contains live and active yogurt or dairy cultures to work. you should check these sites out they will give you more info then I could probably. Well best of luck in losing your weight.
@freak369 (5027)
• United States
11 Aug 07
I am going to have to say no to this. Anything that you consume that has calories is going to cause weight gain - meaning if you eat 2K calories a day and only burn off 200 - you are going to gain weight over time. If you eat anything before bed you aren't going to burn it off - that is unless you are a restless sleeper or on your honeymoon lol.