My Statement of Life

August 2, 2007 12:59am CST
Life is too short to waste away. Be glad. That's all i have to say. Just wear a smile from ear to ear. Just show you're happy, make it clear. My point is that life has its good side and its bad ones. But always look to the good side. If you go through life always looking down, You are not living, your just passing by. What you are doing is wasting a life...yours. Life is a blessing, not a curse. You've got to see the sunsets as the birth of a new night, not the death of a day. I think happiness, can be compared to a lit torch In the darkness, the darkness being the lives of those who are sad. The darkness does not vanquish the torch, It's quite the opposite. It has the ability to light the lives of others and maybe light their torches... So how about you? What is your statement of Life...?
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