how to acquiere a laptop for free without buying it , even for a smal amount

August 2, 2007 1:10am CST
yo say its really hard to acquire for a brand new laptop at home because in my country talking of laptop is really an expensive product were only few could buy, Though there are so many second hand desktop but whats the used of it, if its easily be out of order or destroy . you can used it for a couple of weeks then afterward it won't work at all. so if someone knows out there how to acquire a laptop for free please do help me how to own one thank you and God bless
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@smacksman (6074)
2 Aug 07
That is a tough one! In the UK there are some very special deals where you join an ISP for a broadband connection at about £20 a month and they give you a laptop for almost free. BUT you have to take out a contract with them for 24 months so the laptop is not exactly free! A bit like the deals you get with a mobile phone where the phone is 'free'. The trouble with laptops is you really need to take out insurance for about £70 a year to cover breakages. They are rather prone to being sat on and so breaking the screen. Desktops are so much easier to repair and upgrade.