Who loves the most......................

August 2, 2007 2:38am CST
When i am small,i used to dance a lot by seeing the movies.I think i am only the girl who can dance well among the stars in the movies.When i came to teenage level i used to sing songs which are romantic to hear && also i enjoying making new friends in subject related concept.I used to discuss with them even in nights.Sometimes i used to sleep late at nights becoz of the discussion between me and him.In weekends i used to go out with my family members.I really enjoy going to beach on weekends and do sun bath there have some snacks and move back to home at night.With me my family members also enjoys a lot.It is really my good luck to have these member as my family members. I usually love music,dancing,surfing net,playing shettle,going out on weekends.Share your thoughts on what thing who love most that feels u happy...................
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@akudaniy (76)
• Indonesia
2 Aug 07
I feels happy whenever I'm with my girlfriend. Not really matter what we're doin' on, but everything just goes well whenever she's around.
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• India
12 Aug 07
That is right akudaniy.
@Lydia1901 (16354)
• United States
11 Aug 07
Well, that is just great for you then. I don't know but I think just the little things get me some happiness somewhat.
• India
12 Aug 07
Yes u are right Lydia.But some people are there u even show their concern to the people who try to help them.I think the world is going smoothly becoz of those good people who are doing good to others.For those people if we do any thing small things also,they give 100% satisfaction.They feel very happy and even sometimes tears come out of their eyes.
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@sreevasu (2717)
• India
14 Aug 07
Happiness comes from our mind. If we are happy we could see everything around us with the same happiness and if we are sad in heart we feel everything bad. It is important to feel ourselves happy always. So keep a smile in your heart always, Sudha. Thank you for asking.